“Wait, you’re a singer and songwriter?” has been one of the most asked questions of Sean Coray’s life. While some look at his athletic build that hints that he’s an athlete (he’s pretty good on the court), his first love has always been music. He fell in love with hooks and melodies at an early age.  This St. Louis native is on a journey to share soulful pop; a genre he classifies as “chilled music.” 

Several years ago, Coray began playing at local bars and cafes, with the hopes of finding listening ears. One night a patron attending one of Coray’s early concerts heard his music and immediately called his friend, singer-songwriter, Lee Coulter from San Diego. Lee flew out to St. Louis a week later and the next thing, Coray was in the studio recording his debut EP Drifter. The release was a critical success locally, but Coray knew his work was far from over.



Coming off a two-year cycle of working Drifter, Coray is back in the studio with St. Louis Producer, Luke Arens, working on his follow up EP Encinitas. “The songs are cool, the vibe is great, and the musicians are fantastic” stated Arens after a recent recording session. Coray is excited for this record, one that will re-release a song off of his previous EP, and will showcase several new songs from Coray’s arsenal. “I want people to get lost in the groove and just have fun,” stated Coray. With a rejuvenated game plan, Coray plans to make the most out of his upcoming release, which can be expected August 26, 2016.